Inozikwa Omee
Inozikwa Omee
April 12, 2021

Cell 2


Cell ‘2’ is an intriguing drama that captures the decay, dehumanisation, degradation, hopelessness and wanton disregard for human life and human rights that has become the reality of Nigerian social existence.


In this play, Ken Erics Ugo graphically evokes the horrors of our police detention cells which instead of being temporary holding places for people who are presumed innocent until proven guilty, often become permanent and toughening grounds for criminals and non-criminals alike, in the process turning the ordinary criminal into a hardened one, and the innocent, naive detainee into a criminal.

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  1. Prof Tracie Utoh – Ezeajugh

    Cell ‘2’ is a compelling account of the experience of three friends -two university undergraduates and a Youth Corps member- as they battle with the incredible reality of being literarily pulled out of their beds in the hostel, labelled armed robbers, arrested, tortured and finally dumped in a police cell. As they struggle to come to grips with the reality of their situation, we witness their transition from innocence to loss of innocence. Ugo has crafted a play which appears to be based on the most thorough knowledge of the workings of the machinery of the police crime control unit.

    Prof Tracie Utoh – Ezeajugh

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