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September 26, 2019
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November 3, 2019

Ken Erics – Thank You Baba [Official Music Video]

Ken Erics New Song
Thank You Baba

Thank You Baba lyrics….
Whenever you bless me Baba I remember
All that You’ve done Lord for us as Your Children
You gave me all I asked for a good life
And You bless my folks the same and I know that
All that You’ve done is for good, I’m a witness
All that I ask You ,You do with no problems
You gave me all the chance to prosper
I held You by Your words and You did it

Thank You Baba
I know the love You have for me.. (make me Your son..)
Your plans for me are good Baba
Thank You Baba
I give You all the praise Baba..(I give You my praise…)
Don’t let the devil break me Baba.

My family’s progress You take as Your business
You never allow Oh Your son to suffer
I will do all that it takes to praise You
Cos You do all that You do to make things right

No matter the problem I know we can conquer
Mistakes have been made before yet You bless me
You love me all the same and I know that
Take my praise Baba I bless You
Thank You Baba…
(Chorus till fade)

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