Ken Erics – Thank You Baba (Official Audio)
May 12, 2019
LOVE MELODY EPISODE 2 – Ken Erics & Rachael Okonkwo Latest Nollywood Movie
June 15, 2019

Ken Erics – Mama (Original Soundtrack)

Ken Erics New Song _ Mama
I been dey think oh,
This your love e get as e be,
I try to do my best,
Just to show say we care o,
I no know before o,
Na this bad you dey,
This world na wa oh,
Ndi mmadu di njo,
Where the lady dey o?
Oya ga bu mama,
Where my mother dey oh?
Oya ga bu mama,
Kpotaram mama mu oh,
Oya ga bu mama,
Wey my mama oh,
Oya ga bu mama oh,

All the things you do,
Still we no see the sign o,
I nyuru anyi anya,
Ihe imetara i jiri isi gi we buru,
Na you start the plan oh,
Na you get the pain oh,
This world na wa oh,
Ndi mmadu di njo eh..
Chai! (Chorus)

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